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About Our Experience

As part of the multifamily world since 2001, Resite has grown and evolved with the industry. We have adapted our strategies to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and best practices all while keeping our clients at the core of our business.

Our a-la-carte and affordable services are aimed to help small and medium sized community management companies differentiate from their larger competitors. We want you to know that there are other options outside of the big box players who can assist with your digital marketing efforts and drive ROI. We've been in the business for over two decades, so when you partner with us you can trust that our experience, knowledge and customer service will surpass your expectations.

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Our Footprint

When we look to the future, it is our goal to consistently push our client's forward. We will set the standard as a marketing solution for small to mid-size property management companies to compete in the digital space against those big box competitors.

We will give your mid-size community the competitive edge while setting your business up for success. By leveraging the latest technologies, product expansions and partnerships, our solutions are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

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Our Values

Every company boasts their values on their website, but what makes us unique is how we bring our values to life through our culture, environment, and ultimately our work. Our company values integrity and accountability. Each member of our team embodies these values in their day-to-day work, putting our client's needs at the forefront of what we do. We work together to be stewards of our business as well as our client's businesses. Most importantly, we value trust. Trust in our employees' drive for success, trust in our work ethic and ability to perform, and lastly, our client's trust in us to put their best foot forward digitally.

We pride ourselves on upholding these values and consistently striving to provide the best experience and services for our clients – come see for yourself.

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ResiteIT – out of necessity, Resite forefathers code the first iteration of the ResidentHub℠ in their own college apartment.


With the success of the ResidentHub℠, customers request more services products; online applications and websites are added as core products.


Growth and opportunity brings ResiteIT from the Midwest to Coastal Virginia. Merges with Dominion Enterprises' ResidentSource and is rebranded as Resite Online.


As a sole proprietorship, Resite Online is reborn with a small agency attitude allowing for more flexibility and agility.

Coming Of Age

Resite brings on a co-owner to further expand business within multi-family.


Rebranded as simply Resite, we continue to focus our commitment to expand and update our products that cater to the ever evolving needs of our small-midsize property management companies within a new era of virtual leasing.

Meet The Team

  • Headshot of Jaime Lyle
    Jaime Lyle Co-Owner
  • Headshot of Agnes Smith
    Agnes Smith Marketing Operations Director
  • Headshot of Topher Wilson
    Topher Wilson Engineering Manager
  • Headshot of Nathan Mohr
    Nathan Mohr Product Support
  • Headshot of Garrett Hyatt
    Garrett Hyatt Systems Engineer
  • Headshot of Megan Villies
    Megan Villies Business Development
  • Headshot of Lauren Cashon
    Lauren Cashon Digital Marketing
  • Headshot of Juli Gaggiotti
    Juli Gaggiotti Front End Web Developer
  • Headshot of Melissa Ayers
    Melissa Ayers Digital Account Coordinator
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