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COVID-19: Creative & Safe Resident Event Ideas

We believe it’s more important now than ever to come together as a community and create a sense of support and value to your residents that we’re all in this together. We’ve come up with a list of creative and easy-to-implement ideas to engage and support your community amidst current circumstances.


We can’t have a list of competitions without providing a list of prize ideas as well. These resident prizes are also an opportunity to get creative and support local businesses without breaking the bank:

  • Local Pizza Delivery to their apartment
  • Ubereats/Food Delivery App credit that can be sent via email to use towards their next order
  • One month subscription to a streaming platform (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.)
  • If local businesses are offering their goods or services in a special way (for example, a local company is offering DIY cookie decoration kits and a plant store is offering DIY terrarium planting kits), drop these off at your resident’s door
  • Movie night essentials (popcorn, candy, etc.)

Now for the fun stuff…


Challenge your residents to decorate their front doors with supplies they already have in their home. Take it a step further and give specific themes like movies or puns. Give a deadline and walk around your community to judge them while snapping pictures to post on your social media. Have your community judge them by liking their favorite one posted on your community’s Facebook page. Community & social engagement in one. Talk about a win-win!


If you haven’t heard of this movement, you can browse the Instagram tag here. It’s a really beautiful way that photographers all across the country are capturing this time into memories for families to have forever. People are asked simply to come to their front porch, and the photographer captures their family while practicing safe social distancing, and posts them to social media for the families to share. Create an online sign up for residents to sign up for certain time slots, and knock on their door when it’s their turn. This doesn’t have to be over the top – you can easily use your smartphone and an easy photo editor. Post the photos onto your community Facebook, which will encourage those families to share the post. Note: for safety purposes, you can also email the photos to the residents to share on their own terms and tag your apartment building if they’re comfortable.


Start a conversation inside of your community online forum asking for residents to share their favorite DIY projects they’ve created while quarantining. A bonus if it’s with materials that most people already have (like marbling with nail polish). Ask those with the most popular creations to send step-by-step instructions for others to create their own and post it on your social media for that week’s DIY challenge. Ask residents to comment on the post with photos of what they create.


Create a space in your clubhouse or leasing office that encourages residents to drop off and pick up puzzles or books they’ve already completed and want to swap for new ones (once they’ve been Lysoled down). For higher-risk residents, you can give the option for them to contact you to schedule a pickup and drop-off of items.


Reach out to your community and ask for those in need to contact the office if they need assistance in grocery and necessity shopping, as well as residents who are willing, able, and low-risk to collect their groceries for them. Match these residents so those in need are taken care of.


If you haven’t caught up with the trending #QuarantineCats or #QuarantineDog photos, you’re welcome. Create a fun graphic (Canva is a free design platform and they’re currently giving away one month free of their pro version) to post on your community Facebook page. Encourage residents to post their photos of their pets living their best life while their humans are working from home. Have residents vote on their favorite by liking the photo, and announce the winner in a separate post. 

We hope this list has given you inspiration and ideas of ways to bring smiles and engagement into your community. If you’re using these ideas, please tag us at @resiteonline. 

Happy Marketing! But most importantly, stay safe, healthy, and wash your hands!

The Resite Online Team

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