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Communication Assistant Leasing Bot - CALEBSM

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Consumers expect business to respond almost immediately to inquires and requests. Now, your community has the ability to communicate with potential tenants with the help of CALEBSM.

Our Communication Assistant Leasing Bot, or CALEBSM as we like to call him is an automated chat bot that is integrated into your website to easily answer and direct visitor questions. With this addition to your digital experience, you're able to offer even more high-quality customer service on top of your already great community management team.

CALEBSM is able to schedule appointments, answer prospect's questions, and can even send real-time analytics and marketing reports back to your team.

As the leasing and renting landscape continues to evolve, we are always looking for ways to help our client's to differentiate themselves in the multifamily apartment industry. By adding CALEBSM to your website, you can now be available 24/7 to your web visitors and set your community apart from competitors.

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