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Web Accessibility

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Having a website that is ADA-compliant has become a must-have in today’s world. With over 56 million people in the United States who have a disability and that number is growing, it’s vital for your multifamily website to be easily accessible to all.

This one feature could be the differentiating factor in ensuring that a potential tenant comes to your community and not another. Our web accessibility service is offered to all of our clients whether corporate, market-rate apartments, student housing or senior living.

We focus on guidelines and standards set by the W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) to develop our websites so they meet accessibility WCAG 2.0 criteria. These same guideline have been adopted by various government legislations including ADA, Section 508.

We take a proactive approach and safeguard your website to comply with WCAG 2.0 – an option that is offered to all Resite clients. As for non-Resite clients, they also have the opportunity to receive a website audit and executive summary that outlines the overall accessibility of their website. In addition, we offer on-going audits to confirm that your website continues to meet all of the requirements to remain ADA compliant.

Our qualified team has undergone significant training to understand the WCAG guidelines and provide clear, actionable recommendations to ensure your website is accessible to people with disabilities.

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