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Introducing CALEB

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Betterbot, the leading bot technology in the multifamily industry. 

Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, we’ve seen the multifamily industry adapt quickly to a virtual environment. By taking advantage of today’s technology, communities all around the country were able to follow state restrictions and stay-at-home orders via virtual tours, online applications, and other digital resources. With more people “going virtual” it’s even more important to ensure that your leasing agents have all the tools they need to succeed. With this in mind, our team at Resite is always looking for innovative ways to bring value to our clients, especially during times like now that seem to be constantly evolving. This is one of the many reasons why we are so excited to introduce the newest member of our team, CALEB. 

CALEB, a Communication Assistant Leasing Bot, is Resite’s newest product offering, powered by BetterBot. CALEB engages with visitors on your website 24-hours a day and has proven data in successfully turning leads into leases. He can schedule appointments, answer prospect’s questions, integrate with most CMS and calendar platforms, as well as send real-time analytics and marketing reports. 

Like most a-la-carte products that we offer as solutions to our clients, CALEB is an easy add-on option to your property website, regardless of your website provider. 

To see how CALEB works on property websites, take him for a spin at www.thinkresite.com/meetcaleb.

About Resite:

Resite Online is a flexible, small agency providing digital marketing solutions for the multifamily industry. Founded in 2001 with a commitment to help communities prioritize their day-to-day responsibilities without foregoing the importance of having a powerful digital presence. With our focus on small to midsize property management companies, our objective has always been to be an extension of our client's marketing teams. We provide the foundation necessary to establish and enhance a community’s digital presence.

About BetterBot:

BetterBot is the fastest-growing, most-adopted automated conversational leasing technology in the multifamily industry. This best-in-class platform helps properties nurture prospects from multiple sources on their path to becoming a resident by greeting prospects, conversing with them, answering their questions, and scheduling their appointments. BetterBot’s powerful technology and unique user interface dramatically eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, so property managers can focus on important tasks.

If you’d like more information about CALEB and how he can assist your leasing team, contact us here.

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