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What is Google Tag Manager and Why is it Important?

Let’s talk Marketing Analytics.

It’s no news that today’s apartment-shopping journey begins on the internet. Throw in a national pandemic, and it’s now a norm for apartment shopping to begin and end on the internet thanks to the multifamily industry using virtual tours, chatbots, and online leasing to fill vacancies. This is why Implementing marketing analytics on your property website is essential to maximize efficiency and ensure a return-on-investment with your marketing efforts. Today we’ll discuss a key player, Google Tag Manager, and how it works to do just that.

What is Google Tag Manager?

The GTM platform is an easier (compared to Google Analytics), more efficient, and customizable way to collect data on your website. Tag Manager gives you the ability to add and update your own code (called tags) for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. The tags collect valuable information about your website visitors like demographics and sources they came from. Most importantly, these tags track actions visitors take while on your website -- like clicking on your site’s “Apply Now” button.

In the past, using Google Analytics to set up custom events and conversions would take website developers hours since a custom code would need to be placed next to every measurable item or call-to-action on a property website, on every single page it was located. The setup of GTM on a website involves a single one-time code pasted onto the website’s backend. From there, you can create an unlimited amount of custom tags to track and measure your online conversions, saving hours of coding and letting you easily measure your marketing efforts as they evolve. 

Google Analytics is still necessary to read the data that the GTM tags are set up to collect. Think of GTM as the engine of a car and Google Analytics is the dashboard that shows you how things are running. You cannot have one without the other. 

Why Is Google Tag Manager Important?

Leaving your marketing efforts to chance is throwing money away. Is your property investing in paid search campaigns? Are you trying to increase your organic traffic with new strategies? Want to know which social posts are more successful at driving traffic to your website? By measuring sources that convert your potential leads into conversions, you’ll know where to invest your time and marketing dollars to ensure the highest return-on-investment.

Exciting News for our Optimized Website Clients

You didn’t think we were just going to tell about the magic of GTM without offering it, did you? Exciting updates are coming next quarter! To provide our optimized clients with the most informative and clear picture of your website’s monthly performance, we are upgrading optimized sites with Google Tag Manager conversions and report on the things that matter most to your business. Stay tuned for more communication from our support team!


Don’t throw your money away. Let us help you understand what is working best to get your leads to the goal line. 

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